Top of Austria

From summer 2020 the highest building of Austria is welcoming visitors with spectacular images from the roof of the DC Tower. Days and weeks are condensed into individual images via »time slicing« and staged on a large LED wall in the foyer. The place itself but also every moment there is honored.

A'Design Award 2021 - Bronze    CCA Venus 2021 - Bronze    Digital Signage Award - Winner 2021     Vega Digital Awards - Centauri Winner     NYX Marcom Awards - Gold     Muse Creative Awards - Platinum Winner 2020    


Top of Austria - aspiration and incentive all at the same time. From the roof of the DC Tower a high-resolution, weatherproof camera collects images of the tower’s surroundings at a 5-minute interval. As a result we accumulate a wide range of images over time, which forms the centerpiece of the LED wall in the foyer. The individual images collected over hours, weeks and months are arranged into a »time-slice montage« by graphic overlay and masking, as if a time-lapse sequence were condensed into a single image.


DC Tower 1, Vienna


main technische Dienstleistung GmbH

Concept & Creation:
Markus Pargfrieder,
Wolfgang Maier,
Katharina Mayrhofer

Katharina Mayrhofer,
Andrea Maderthaner,
Martin Zeplichal

Katharina Mayrhofer,
Martin Zeplichal

Photos & Video:
Eyup Kuş

The special view from the DC Tower over Vienna is as unique as every point in time. This was the creative starting point for the media installation – to provide the many tenants and visitors with the feeling of the distinctness of the building. The focus was on capturing every single moment and combining it with others. External influences such as lighting moods, various times of day and different seasons as well as changing weather influences are recorded in these images and are blended into a constantly changing, ever new digital work of art. Thus the unique view from the roof of the DC Tower becomes even more incomparable - just Top of Austria.

The »responsive space« is provided by laser range sensors that use anonymous position tracking to record people in front of the LED wall and give them the opportunity to interactively influence the display. The dialogue between the tower itself and the people in it is underlined by this interaction - an aspect that was very important to tower management.