The Wave

With this digital media installation in a class of its own, in 2020, Cineplexx is setting an exclamation mark in terms of brand staging in the reopened cinema in Vienna’s Millennium City. Responsive Spaces and Kraftwerk Living Technologies bundled their competencies for this highlight.

Digital Signage Award - Winner 2021     Muse Creative Awards - Platinum Winner 2021     Vega Digital Awards - Centauri Winner    


Digital Signage thought differently. In summer 2020 the Cineplexx cinema in Vienna’s Millennium City was reopened in new splendor. As an architectural and digital highlight, an impressive LED surface in the form of a wave is enthroned on the ceiling of the entrance. 4.5 meters wide and 26 meters long, it begins in the foyer of the shopping center and literally draws visitors into the interior of the cinema.

Kinobetriebe GmbH

Millennium City, Vienna


Kraftwerk Living Technology

Markus Pargfrieder,
Wolfgang Maier

Katharina Mayrhofer,
Andrea Maderthaner,
Wolfgang Maier,
Julian Reil,
Martin Zeplichal

Daniel Kepplinger,
Katharina Mayrhofer,
Julian Reil,
Martin Zeplichal

Photos & Video:
Andrea Maderthaner, Eyup Kuş

Like Digital Signage, only more. Creative LED solutions are becoming more and more popular internationally as a tool for setting highlights, enhancing locations and - most importantly - offering visitors and customers a special experience. Together with Kraftwerk Living Technologies, Responsive Spaces designed and developed this digital staging and thus created a project of international appeal.

Although this special display size requires special digital design and content for its presentation, a system was created that allows Cineplexx to maintain control over the presentation within the framework of existing workflows. The graphically seamless integration of conventional signage content in 16:9 is just as important here as the editorial influence on the overall presentation on this almost 120 square meter of display area.These possibilities and even more are slumbering beneath the surface of this wave.