Tegernsee Phantastisch combines two contrasting worlds and presents itself to visitors as both tradition-conscious and future-oriented. The »Tegernsee World« area combines the transfer of knowledge about nature and the region around Lake Tegernsee with fun and games, a fantastic example being »Inside Tegernsee«.

With its futuristic and energetic atmosphere, on the other hand, »Tegernsee Magic« makes every adrenaline-savvy heart beat faster, like among others at »Weissach Warrior«. The customized installations merge real and digital spaces and create experiences for all senses that will be remembered.

»Inside Tegernsee« Already at the first step into this installation, one is immersed directly in the vivid world of Lake Tegernsee. Four projectors combined with a specially composed sound design create a multisensory underwater experience. By means of laser tracking, every touch of a fish triggers the appearance of interesting information, thus giving Inside Tegernsee its educational character. Visitors can actively design parts of the scenery and leave their own traces in the lake: fish they have drawn themselves land in the virtual setting of Lake Tegernsee at the touch of a button and react to the visitors' movements.

»Zauberwald« The enchanted world of the Bavarian forest is brought to life with the help of a mirror head projector showing scenes that appear sometimes here, sometimes there. Animated stories from the everyday life of the animals in the forest are shown in the form of funny anecdotes that amuse young and old. »Everyone can help everyone« represents the core message.

»Übergang« The passage from »Tegernsee World« to »Tegernsee Magic« combines tradition with modernity. The energetic and at the same time playful Bavarian wall projection offers space for important personalities with a connection to the region and focuses at the same time on the regions around Lake Tegernsee together with their traditions.

»Weissach Warrior« »3, 2, 1, GO« and the race for the best time starts. The start management, important auditory cues and timing are controlled autonomously by means of sensor technology and gameplay logic, creating equal conditions and fair play for every warrior. The energetic visual language of the projections along the track provides an additional motivational boost. In addition, spectators can follow the sports competition from the side and take a look at the visualized section and overall times. The region around Lake Tegernsee has produced many international sports stars, to whom a separate digital area is dedicated above the course.

»Hohe Luft« Passing the indoor adventure park is a particular test of courage for every visitor. The adrenaline kick is guaranteed in the high air, even more so because the colorful animations of the ground projection create the impression of the floor being even further away.

»Hi Hupfer!« At first glance, this area seems like a normal trampoline park - but there is much more hiding behind it - or rather underneath it. Responsive Spaces developed a special sensor framework that uses ultrasound to measure in real time which trampolines are being jumped on. The dynamic and colorful light installations on the ceiling and under the trampolines take the guests into a pulsating world full of energy and action. The space is constantly reshaped by bouncing, as both the color and intensity of the lights react dynamically. Synchronous jumping on several trampolines is rewarded with a special light show and thus underlines one of the most important motto of Tegernsee Fantastic: Pay attention to each other!

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