MAHÜ 10-18 is a construction project of social significance in the heart of Vienna. Havas Vienna developed identity & branding. Responsive Spaces created an interactive, digitally staged model that enables the building owner to communicate the architectural concept, construction site information as well as expected offers by means of two video projectors and displays. The moving model of the building becomes a canvas and grows with the content shown.

Right from the start of this project, it was clear to Signa Holding that on-site communication would play an important role. An info container was part of the communication concept from the very beginning. Responsive Spaces was invited by Havas Vienna to develop a digital installation to enhance the info container. Based on the architectural designs of OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), a formally simplified building model was produced, which can be kinetically staged by means of a lifting column and thus serves as an exciting stage for the interactive communication of all content related to the construction project.

The technical challenge was to realize projection mapping with two projectors onto a moving building model. In addition, interaction for visitors to the container was reduced to a single rotary knob. This intuitive interface was visually linked to a navigation concept that allows independent exploration of different focus topics.

Since the communication topics will also evolve as the building project develops, it was also important that the entire installation could be quickly and easily expanded with new content.

The planned building complex is thus brought to life even before its completion and is constantly filled with current content for the duration of the construction project.

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