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Our mission is Story Living
Interaction and active user involvement makes messages more memorable, intensifies brand/product contacts and creates lasting impact.

In long journeys from first ideas, content compilations and technical concepts to spatial and digital design, realization and installation, we accompany our customers to wherever their stories need to manifest themselves in space: brand experience spaces, exhibitions, shows, museums, retail areas and events.

We are premium service providers in the field of customized digital media systems. We use technology to create interaction, involving people in stories, brands and product messages.

Our focus is user experience.

Responsive Spaces Studio

Operating at the intersection of digital technology, art, architecture and design, Responsive Spaces extends the reach of digital media into physical spaces, creating unique experiences and giving stories the spaces they need to thrive.

Where we are headed

Digital Staging


Digital technologies are increasingly functioning as linking elements between retail, distribution and architecture. The focus lies on user experience. Integrated digital elements and surfaces allow for a lively and flexible presentation that can be enriched by targeted interactivity.



More and more companies are giving permanent space to the communication of their brand and product messages. In these specifically created areas creativity and technology are used to turn the brand into a real experience – whether in a foyer, a showroom or in a comprehensive brandland.

Trade Shows


International trade fairs are extremely competitive platforms where standing out and being remembered becomes the most important challenge. The targeted refinement of trade fair concepts with digital technologies leads to true lighthouse projects.

Mixed Reality


The border between physical reality and virtual worlds is becoming increasingly blurred. The stories and messages conveyed must therefore be sharper than ever before in order to prevail in the midst of all these technical possibilities.



Every type of event seeks its highlights. It is about those special moments that want to be remembered. This is exactly the reward for the courage to go digital.

Digital Prototyping


The forefront is where no one knows the ropes. Nevertheless one can feel comfortable there and create something unique. All it takes is a little courage, we bring the rest.

The Img Crew



Markus “MMeX” Pargfrieder

Markus has focused on the digital world and its endless possibilities since before the turn of the millenium. He started his career at digital agency Netural and stuck with it until it was time to move on and launch Responsive Spaces. Rapid technology changes and the constant stream of new possibilities and disruptions they bring do not turn him off, on the contrary: “connecting opposites” is not a slogan, it´s a program. Combining technologies, »MMeX« puts serious horsepower on the road.

 [email protected] 

Michaela Barta - Porträt; Halbfigur
Michaela Barta - Porträt; Kopfbild


Michaela Barta

Michaela´s desk is where all Responsive Spaces´ threads converge. Michaela is an organizational marvel and steady hand steering the hectic and stressful project business, supporting and relieving team and management. Beyond the hard facts of daily business, she also has a watchful eye on keeping up the feel-good factor in RS.

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Julian Reil - Porträt; Halbfigur
Julian Reil - Porträt; Kopfbild


Julian Reil

Technological pioneering spirit with a pinch pragmatism is the healthy mix that Julian brings into the team, together with his degree in interactive media and two Ars Electronica collaborations. He loves to experiment, always fiddling with digital/analog hybrids. If Responsive Spaces didn´t already exist, we would need to invent it for people like him.

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Daniel Kepplinger - Porträt; Halbfigur
Daniel Kepplinger - Porträt


Daniel Kepplinger

Daniel, a self-proclaimed Unity prodigy, brings a high level of technical expertise and creativity to every project. His sense of humor adds a personal touch to every interaction and makes every collaborative project special (at least in his opinion). His passion for games and their development always drives him to look for new and innovative solutions to technical challenges.

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Katharina Mayrhofer Total
Katharina Mayrhofer Portrait


Katharina Mayrhofer

Katharina has spent the last 15 years at the interface of code and design, preferring to work in interdisciplinary teams. She has gathered wide experience in the field of interactive installations from the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, to the Expo in Shanghai and the IAA in Frankfurt. Understanding design as a process, she cites Franz Kafka, saying that »paths are created by walking them«. She teaches ​​generative real-time graphics/data-based visualizations and has graduated in MultiMedia Art.

 [email protected] 

Wolfgang Maier Totale
Wolfgang Maier Portrait


Wolfgang Maier

As the founder and long-time manager of a design studio in Vienna Wolfgang draws on a wealth of experience in digital/spatial brand staging and interaction design. Now he brings these skills to Responsive Spaces, adding to the typical poetic quality and vitality to our concepts. Wolfgang gathers the necessary visionary inspiration climbing high mountains and going on other outdoor adventures.

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Andrea Maderthaner Totale
Andrea Maderthaner Portrait


Andrea Maderthaner

Thoughtful designs and abstract layouts inspired Andrea long before she studied media technology and design. In her creations she combines complex structures with functional minimalism. Her work at Responsive Spaces requires an eye for detail as well as her skills as a developer. Without strict lines between creation, design and development she can put all her abilities to work.

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Nazila Shamsizadeh Totale
Nazila Shamsizadeh Portrait


Nazila Shamsizadeh

Nazila is a design enthusiast with a passion for creating new meaning and experience with each project she receives. With her interior and fashion design background she looks at tasks for Responsive Spaces from a different perspective - even if it means she literally needs to see it upside down. Or especially then.

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Nathalie Kronberger Totale
Nathalie Kronberger Portrait


Nathalie Kronberger

Nathalie has been a creative mind since childhood. In her graphic design education, her strength was not only in creative thinking, but also in the ability to create unconventional solutions. During her master class she had her first encounter with Responsive Spaces, which sparked her interest in digital media in combination with physical space. Inquisitive and highly motivated, the designer now creates RS’s interactive venues.

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Andreas Wurm Totale
Andreas Wurm Portrait


Andreas Wurm

His passion focuses on design and development of concepts in a holistic way. He is able to contribute his experience from 14 years in different advertising agencies. He is an enthusiastic team player, who includes new perspectives in a project with a fresh spirit. Not only professionally but also privately, he always acts at eye level and with common sense. The enthusiastic sportsman knows how to use these skills wisely in his own beekeeping hobby.

 [email protected] 

Christian Renner Totale
Christian Renner Portrait


Christian Renner

Christian has been working with 3D renderings and animations for 20 years. His path started with flyer designs and led him via post-production to 3D content creation. Constantly on the creative search for the ideal look, coupled with his pragmatic approach, he prefers to implement projects as part of a team. To gain new perspectives, he travels to distant countries with his family.

 [email protected] 

Matthias Zauner Totale
Matthias Zauner Portrait


Matthias Zauner

Matthias enhusiastically traces data flows and signal paths. Event and club visuals introduced him early into the world of realtime computer graphics. Since then, he engages in all aspects of interaction design. His excitement for connecting design and technology, as well as his work in a wide range of projects in arts and brand communication, make him an all-rounder in all matters of interactive media.

 [email protected] 

Gerold Brunner Totale
Gerold Brunner Portrait


Gerold Brunner

With his creative problem-solving abilities and attention to detail, Gerold ensures that the execution of a project aligns with its artistic vision. As an experienced Motion Designer and former studio founder, he strives to bridge the gap between creative and technological thinking. Gerold is a dedicated team player always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of his craft. Whenever he doesn’t spend his spare time hitting the drums, he tinkers with projects that fuel his interest in new and old technology even more.

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